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[testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was great in seeking out our needs and even though we thought we (my husband and I) had a plan, he took us to a neighborhood we were unaware of, and it is perfect for our family. He was patient in our back and forth with which home and stayed in constant contact the entire process.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Adrienne & Edward Young”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Recently relocated from Florida looking to learn more about the Charlotte area along with its homes and lots. Sean is very knowledgeable of all parts of the region and was able to show me various neighborhoods with their own varying styles to help me understand what I’d be interested in looking for. He’s very professional, and patient with his approach in making sure you receive the help you need.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Shamar Rush”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”If you are looking for a knowledgeable, friendly, hard working, experienced Realtor, then Sean Rush, Jr. is the person you should seek. Sean assisted me in the purchase of my first home. I lived out of State and gave Sean advanced notice that I was coming to look for property. He immediately contacted me back and began the process with me. No matter what I contacted Sean about he always responded in a timely manner. When I found my home he was actually away on vacation in another country and still worked diligently for me. (I felt so bad but he assured me it was OK). I am so glad that I worked with him in the process.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Djuana Thomas”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean is one of the best realtors, in the Carolinas area, you could ask for going down the home buying/selling journey. The man works hard for his clients and is always there to answer any questions you may have while also ensuring that you understand the process end to end. Me and Sean were able to find a home that meant all my needs perfectly, in just under a week and it was all because of his expert knowledge/ perseverance that the seller accepted my offer over three others on the table! One of the best pieces of advice I could give is to give Sean a call early in your process and you will not be disappointed. I will be a repeat customer of ‘Relator Rush’ and you should be one as well.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Alexander Williams”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”We used Sean as both our Property Agent on our rental property – and as our realtor when we purchased our house. Sean was able to work with the owner of the rental unit to enable us to leave our lease early, was able to find a tenant to move in the day after we moved out to avoid additional rental fees – and helped us find a house that matched my wife’s criteria for the house – and my criteria for the price. We highly recommend Sean as both a property manager and if you are looking to purchase a house.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Bryan Carmen”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Extremely accommodating and cooperative. Encouraged us to always pursue what we wanted. Supported our decisions at every pivotal point. We would recommend him to anyone we knew who was looking for a realtor.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Nelda & Vincent Louther”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean is an excellent professional and it was a pleasure for my and my wife to work with him. He never gives up, even when I was about to. He helped me with my special and complicated situation and found an amazing deal for us, taking us through every step of the complicated and stressful process of buying your first house. I really recommend Sean to anyone that is looking for a great agent.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Julio Tamayo”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Mr. Sean Rush was very pleasant and went above and beyond for us in helping us find a home. We enjoyed our visits with him every time we flew to go look at houses. He knew exactly what we wanted. We are very pleased with the house he was able to find for us.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Carmen & Billy McNeil”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”SEAN WAS GREAT!!!!!!!! He showed me as many homes as necessary until I found my perfect home. Sean is very patient, caring, and big on communication. Regardless of what he had going on he made sure I was in the know by email, text, or even phone. Sean made buying my first home super easy! Thanks again” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Anonymous”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”I would highly recommend sean for anyone looking for a house. This was my family’s first house buying experience. Sean was very responsive and helpful when it came to the buying process. Also very knowledgeable.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Doug Shoutd”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean is an amazing realtor! With what little time we had to make a decision (not to forget my endless list of must haves) Sean was able to find exactly what we needed before our suggested timeframe. His knowledge and expertise definitely moved our selection process quickly in addition to ensuring us a seamless and above satisfaction guaranteed experience. I will say, we are not an easy couple to appease, but Sean more than exceeded our expectations. We will most definitely recommend him to assist our friends and family in their future home purchases!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Anonymous”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean made selling my house, at a difficult time in my life, easy. He was always upbeat. Even when we encountered some roadblocks he was quick to point out what could be done so we could move on in the process. He could admit when he wasn’t completely sure of something and would research it and get back to me promptly. Overall, I say this young man has a bright future ahead of him in real estate.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Isabel Stafford”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”I was moving up here to Charlotte from Orlando Florida. I was looking at rental Properties. Looking at properties on my own, by the second day and having no real luck, then I met Sean. He knows the area well and after looking at 2 houses. He then knew excellently what I wanted. Because of me not making a fast decision and who knew everyone moves up here in October. We must have looked at 35 to 40 homes. Sean was very patient and always worked around my schedule the best he could. I will definitely be using him to buy a house in the future.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Ryan Racine”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was very great and proactive in searching the right home for my budget, style, and commute to work. It feels amazing traveling 10 minutes to work each day and great access to uptown and venues in the area. Great community, very friendly and helpful resources. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone and purchase a home.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Jasmine Caudle”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”I was looking to find my own place while finishing school and transitioning out of the roommate configuration. Sean assisted in finding a place to call my own and signing my 1st lease. Very professional and provided a wealth of information to make it a seamless process.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Tameia Smith”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Mr Rush is very professional and competent. He assisted us in finding two rental properties in Charlotte. He is knowledgeable about real estate transactions and he made our new purchases a breeze. I would recommend him to others and I will definitely be using Sean again.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Chris Monroe”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean is very professional and trustworthy. He wasted no time with helping us find exactly what we wanted and needed. Once we provided him with our indecisive checklist he presented realistic options that helped us make a decision. Sean was very optimistic throughout the process and was never hesitant to respond to emails and phone calls. We met Sean while he was waiting for another client which presented a character trait that was consistent throughout our process: he’s very prompt and always on time. We recommend Sean to any and everyone searching for the next place to call home! Thanks Sean!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Jaywon Armstrong”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was very professional, attentive to making sure I was satisfied with my experience and selection of home and once I decided even made sure to go back to check on identified repairs prior to my signing the lease. Since I was shopping for a place from another state this was so helpful and much appreciated.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Deshauna Dickens”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”I was looking to find my own place while finishing school and transitioning out of the roommate configuration. Sean assisted in finding a place to call my own and signing my 1st lease. Very professional and provided a wealth of information to make it a seamless process.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Tameia Smith”]
[testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”My experience with Sean was nothing less than amazing. This was by far one of the easiest processes I have been through while searching for properties. He was very knowledgeable and very upfront on things that I should have expected and any problems that we encountered. He went above and beyond to make my buying process one to remember. I’d highly recommend Mr. Sean Rush for any of your real estate needs. Thank you for all of your help!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Darren McCray”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”We were initially set up with another realtor, who wasn’t taking anything we were looking for into consideration, and was showing us houses way out of our budget… Then we got set up with Sean. From the first call to closing he made sure we were completely happy and that everything we were looking for was taken into consideration. A few months later we finally found our perfect home. He was very patient and knowledgeable from start to finish. I would highly recommend working with Sean in any capacity. He was absolutely amazing.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Kyle & Caitlin Williford”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was extremely patient throughout my entire home- buying process. He’s extremely knowledgeable and was able to provide insight on the process of first time home-buying. Sean has truly exceeded my expectations of the job of a realtor. He has truly become a brother and has always had my best interest in mind. I highly recommend Realtor Sean Rush! You will always have peace of mind!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”TJ Graham”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Mr. Rush was very professional and respectful. Mr. Rush was very attentive and informative to the needs of finding me a great house that met my needs and was just right for me. He was so courteous and helpful I would truly recommend my family and friends to him. I would give Mr. Rush 10 stars instead of 5 stars.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Veatrice Smith”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was great! Easy to work with and was never pushy! He found a house that met 3 requirements; something new, beautiful and modern for me. Something within budget and at a price my husband liked for my husband. Also, at the same great schools my kids wanted to stay in. Thank you Sean! You worked a miracle! I didn’t think it was possible! You were great! I give him 2 thumbs up!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Gina Carmen”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”We “met“ Sean online based on a home that he had listed and began communicating about our home needs. We were moving to Charlotte from another state and needed to find a home in a short period of time, Sean was very informative and professional, and helped us get into our new home!! Thank you, Sean!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Alicia Bazen”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”We started working with Sean in March 2016 even before we relocated from CT to Fort Mill, SC. He kept us updated on current listings and was very patient and understanding of our needs! We love working with Sean and would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Rossana & Jose Gutierrez”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was very patient in my search for the right house. He listened to my wants and needs and made sure the houses shown fit my budget, list, and were in safe neighborhoods. Sean was truly excellent and I would recommend him to everyone.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Kiera McIvor”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was an incredible partner in my family’s hunt for the perfect home. We had a very tight deadline to move across the country to the area. Sean’s creativity came in handy when I was trying to explore houses from Arizona. He listened to what was most important to us and worked hard to find the perfect house within our budget and most importantly our timeline. In three days, we looked at houses, won a bid war, and had the house inspected. When I left NC to pack my belongings in Arizona, I was relieved and excited. His patience and attentiveness made for a wonderful, supportive experience. I would recommend Sean to any of my friends or family members.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Kathy Marks”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was probably the best agent we’ve had. He was very prompt with responding to any and all questions I had. And he also worked during his honeymoon to make sure things went smoothly for our closing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing an agent.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Carlita & Byron Blair”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean rush did such a great job helping us find our first home he made sure we were well taken care of and assured us that we would find the one and just 3months later we can call ourselves home owners now..he made sure we did not have to worry about a thing that he had things handled or taken care of..I just thank sean so much for being apart of our experience.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Melissa Shoutd”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sean. He was extremely knowledgeable of what the market currently offered within the area I wanted to live in and worked tirelessly to ensure I purchased a home I will love for years to come. His efforts and collaborative team made the purchase of my first home a painless experience; and for that I am forever grateful!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Shatiah Calhoun”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean is an excellent realtor estate agent. He is a very well mattered, reliable and dependable young man. He goes above and beyond to satisfy his clients. Whenever I called him he responded immediately; day, evening or night. He is very knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods, lenders, and financial assistance programs etc… He is very awesome with negotiations. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends. It was a pleasure doing business with him.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”TaTanisha Royal”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean made my process so smooth, easy and fast. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. Always responsive, always kept me updated – He is AMAZING!” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Janise Robinson”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean is very professional and communicates with his clients throughout the process. Sean explained the process to me and my wife throughout the buying process. Sean was always available to answer all our questions and concerns. I would recommend Sean Rush as your personal agent for Buying a home.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Georlean & Dylan Woods”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Mr Sean Rush was very nice and informative , we had talked on the phone and also viewed several different homes. He is very insightful. Mr. Rush gave me idea options on what to look for in order to get a great deal, and spoke highly of the school district that we would be living by. Honestly, he (Sean) worked really hard to find what was suitable for me & my family of 6 plus our lovely pet puppy cocker spaniel Rhonda 😉 we are looking forward to doing more business with Sean in the future; Charlotte North Carolina is a pretty city and just like he had said it is rapidly growing this is definitely where we want to be we appreciate all the hard work and concerns that he has for us I will most definitely share my experience with others that are looking on where to purchase property here in Charlotte North Carolina” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Mariah Madeoff”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean is a great person to work with. He went out of his way to help me find a home. I only had a few days to find a place and he even worked Sunday. I contacted him all times of the day and night and he answered me right away.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”RJ”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was a joy to work with during the process to rent my townhouse. Sean has exemplary customer service skills including ability to anticipate needs of customers and provide the appropriate remediation, willingness to respond to special cause incidences outside of normal business hours, and great process knowledge from search to sign. I would definitely recommend Sean to a close family member.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Ashley & Antione Ford”][testimonial client_name=”” title_client=”” imagelinks=”” testimonial_text=”Sean was amazing throughout the entire home buying process and still is as a property manager. Finding my investment property was seamless thanks to Sean and he was able to find a tenant within 30 days of my purchase, which far exceeded my expectations. He maintains a clear and open line of communication and keeps me abreast of any potential issues that may arise with my tenant or property. As a first time home-buyer, I approached Sean with many difficult questions, but he was extremely patient and knowledgeable. I will most definitely be working with Sean to purchase my next home and I strongly recommend him to anyone in search of a relator or property manager.” testimonial_type=”3″ stars_client=”” testimonial_title=”Kevin Noble”]

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